All Images are copy rights @2018 Masako Miyazaki

 Green Hole 
“Green Hole” is my imaginary spot which was influenced by the Black Hole in space. In this series, along with my poetry and story describing the spot, I photographed nature and crafted the prints, expressing unclear natural phenomena and ideologies. Although there is the oppressive need to put everything into words, I believe that there are beautiful and mysterious gifts which cannot be described. A forest is a wonderland where one does not know what lies ahead. Viewers are invited to walk through the wonderland in my exhibition, which is between the tangible and the mysterious world. 
My research in 2015 focused on how to break through the limited 2 dimensional world of photography. In 2016, I succeeded in creating photographs in a 3 dimensional world by curving papers to express two dramatically different worlds on a piece of paper. There is a phrase,'' 紙一重( Kami Hitoe)" in Japanese, which means ‘the insignificant small difference’, illustrated by the thickness of a piece of paper. However, when the piece of paper is flipped, one can see a quite different world on the other side.
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